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Do you wish you could have one business software system that does everything you need it to for every department, that you can access on any device, just login and go - with no license fees and unlimited users, designed exactly the way your business needs it to be, host on your own server any time you want, get 24 hour support and - to get all the source code to it? The WebDesktop by Lloyd Hardy Enterprises is a complete online enterprise software and operating system. Requiring no app download or plugin, it is compatible with any device - a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop in a web browser. Just log in.

Lloyd Hardy Enterprises

The WebDesktop runs the most professional and sophisticated web technology available today, in a browser.

Web Desktop Features

Mobile Ready

Mobile devices now make up the majority of Internet users. New device models and operating systems are released at an unprecedented rate. The cost of maintaining several versions of a phone App are extensive when you consider the amount of changes, potential compatibility conflicts and security implications of outdated Apps. That's why the WebDesktop has a policy of:

“One WebDesktop, All Devices”

The WebDesktop is mobile ready. It doesn't need an app because the full web version is designed to run on mobile devices. Just visit their WebDesktop URL and the customized desktop automatically scales to devices:

Web Desktop Mobile

Customized Desktop View (1366px x 768px). Inset: Mobile View (400px x 620px)

This means that a user can use any device – with secure authentication, the user doesn't even need to own the device used. They could rent a laptop, use an Internet cafe of borrow a colleagues phone.

And because the WebDesktop follows strict web standards and runs entirely in the browser, it works even with devices that have not even been invented yet with no modification, including future releases from:

Web Desktop Future

Around the world, in any language, on any device, the WebDesktop can bring together your organisation. Each user can have their own personal profile where we store preferred language and timezone. As they move in and out of countries, the 'office time' can remain the same on their desktop.

The WebDesktop is the only business solution you will ever need. It's compatible with everything and can never become obsolete. It was not designed to vendor-lock clients, it was deigned to free them from vendors who lock them in.


The Features of a custom system are unlimited. We design your WebDesktop for you exactly. That's how we know you'll be 100% satisfied - we follow your plans.

The WebDesktop makes your workforce as productive as they can be, through their workspace. These custom applications can be fully integrated with each other:

Accessories Accessories Custom Accessories for Specialist Tools.
Accounting Accounting Custom Accounting System Modules.
Bookmarks Bookmarks Private and Social Bookmarking Application.
Broadcast Broadcast Live Streaming Management System.
Calendar Calendar CalDAV Calendaring for Employee Schedules.
Contacts Contacts CardDAV Contacts for Client and Supplier.
Customers Customers Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Documents Documents Document Management System (DMS).
Education Education Online Learning Environment (OLE).
ECMS ECMS Enterprise Content Management System.
Email Email Enterprise IMAP Webmail Solution with Signature.
ERP ERP Enterprise Resource Planning System.
eCommerce eCommerce Retail Portal for Online Sellers.
Graphics Graphics GNU Image Manipulation Program.
HR HR Human Resources Management (HRM).
Inventory Inventory Warehouse Management System (WMS).
Logistics Logistics Supply Chain Management (SCM).
Marketing Marketing Marketing Management System.
Maps Maps Mapping Software for Web Applications.
Newsletters Newsletters Mail Management System for Newsletters.
Office Office Full desktop Office Suite running in the web browser.
Payroll Payroll Salary and commission payment for employees.
Process Process Workflow Process Management Software.
Production Production Custom Manufacturing System.
Profile Profile User Profile editor. Modify Desktop Preferences.
Projects Projects Project Management System (PMS).
Publishing Publishing Magazine and Advertising Manager.
Purchasing Purchasing Purchasing System for Purchasing Department.
Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Management System.
Reporting Reporting Report Builder and Storage across all Database Tables.
Research Research Research and Development System for Projects.
Sales Sales Salesforce Automation System for Sales Team.
Servicing Servicing Service Booking and Management System.
Social Social Social Network System with Public/Private Availability.
Survey Survey Report on Multiple Surveys Online.
Suppliers Suppliers Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) system.
Support Support Support Request and Bug Tracking System.
Web CMS Web CMS Content Management System for Website.
Wiki Wiki Wiki for multiple users to edit organization information.

System Administration

Administrative Users can have additional permissions,such as the ability to manage:

Control Panel Control Panel Control System Settings, Change Default Behaviours for Desktop, Applications, Files.
Groups Groups Group Management to enable multiple users to rapidly share the same permissions.
Database Editor Database Editor Edit the Maria DB database table structure and content with a web based DBA.
Server Admin Server Admin Administer the settings of a dedicated server for email, domains and hosting space.
Development Development Integrated Development Environment running fully online for editing code.
Users Users User Management to assign Users right to Groups to use Applications.


The WebDesktop gives your organisation unlimited features:

Web Desktop Unlimited


Unlimited users comes as standard on the WebDesktop. You simply log in with the correct permissions and add as many users as you require. You can add unlimited groups to give similar permissions to multiple users and do so without paying a license fee per user.


If you want to add applications, you can install (or retain us to install and configure) any Open Source systems inside the WebDesktop. We also can provide you with 100% custom applications that you own, modify and even use a third party provider to support – but we hope you'll choose us.


You can deploy unlimited storage to your WebDesktop. You can upgrade hardware as much and as often as you need. There is no additional cost per GB or TB, it is your right to extend the capabilities of your system. Because it's your system, the storage can be any size you choose.


The WebDesktop comes without freedom preserved. Once you buy the WebDesktop, you can do anything you want with it, except take away others users freedoms. There is no license key to enter and no expiration date. The software is truly yours to use freely.


New servers can be installed without permission from us or anyone else. The WebDesktop is not just an app – it is the whole server stack. You can freely install unlimited servers. We won't stop you – in fact, if you want us to help you copy it, we will do it for you. We offer professional consulting services.


We take security seriously. Every system in the world is potentially vulnerable so it's important to prevent exploits. As part of our SLA we provide unlimited lifetime security updates. We have no end of life for the unmodified WebDesktop core, because it is a rolling upgrade model, future-proofed.


24 Hour support programs are available to our clients with telephone, IM and email support available in English worldwide.

We know that 99% of other vendors cannot provide this freedom because it is incompatible with their business model. That's why we designed our business model around the needs of our client – you.


The WebDesktop server is built on the secure base of Debian Gnu/Linux, Apache, MariaDB and PHP. Linux runs on 75%, Apache on 45%, MariaDB/MySQL on 40% and PHP on 70% of leading active webservers. With 75,000 known viruses delivering a payload on Windows platforms and 0 to the Linux kernel, it's an easy choice:

Linux Kernel Debian GNU/Linux Apache Webserver Maria DB PHP

The technology we use is the most secure technology in the world with the Debian GNU/Linux kernel being vulnerable to no known viruses. Meanwhile the Windows platform is vulnerable to over 75,000 known viruses. The Linux Kernel is deployed on the worlds most mission critical systems - including 99.6% of the World's Top 500 Super Computers. Microsoft runs on 0% of them:

Department of Defense Facebook NASDAQ IBM China Google London Stock Exchange NASA

Should you choose to host on our European servers, you can be assured of the highest levels of security, protection and professionalism:

Fox Security Certitifate Intel Partner Dell Partner Readers Awards

Our hosting partner protects you and your data from DDOS by utilizing Arbor and Juniper hardware, featuring:

DDOS Protection
  • Automated Recognition Of Attack Patterns
  • Filtering Traffic For Known Attack Patterns
  • Challenge-Response Authentication
  • Dynamic Traffic Filtering

And are also members of:

ICAAN RIPE NIC Eco Denic Deloitte

The WebDesktop is the most secure and professional choice for an enterprise software system.

Freedom & Privacy

“All rights granted under this License are granted for the term of copyright on the Program, and are irrevocable provided the stated conditions are met. This License explicitly affirms your unlimited permission to run the unmodified Program.”

WebDesktop Software License (AGPL)

The scientific definition of Free Software is the foundation of the WebDesktop software license, the Affero GNU Public License (AGPL):

  1. The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose.
  2. The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish. Access to the source code is a precondition for this.
  3. The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.
  4. The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others.

Why is Freedom Important?

This level of freedom is essential for a successful business, however almost none of our competitors offer their clients this level of freedom. Microsoft and other proprietary software companies refuse to release their source code to the user, which means we are unable to audit it for security purposes. We do know however that Windows has historically spied on user activity and sent that information, encrypted, back to their headquarters in Redmond.

Today however, things are much worse. Windows 10 in full mode allows Microsoft to collect information on your settings and preferences, your browser choice, lists of your peripherals, the apps you use to edit and view images and videos, how long you use the mouse and keyboard, all the applications you've ever installed, URLs to videos you've watched that triggered an error, URLs to music that triggered an error, time spent reading ebooks, text typed in a Microsoft web browser's address and search bar, URLs visited, visited webpage titles, the words you've spoken to Cortana or had translated to text by the system, your ink strokes, and more.

This is something that can never happen with the WebDesktop because it is Free Software.

“The WebDesktop comes with all its source code for inspection or modification and it is guaranteed never to spy on you. You have the code, you can check it.”

Lloyd Hardy, Creator of the WebDesktop

Freedom gives you the opportunity to modify your own software if you wish, however we'd like to support you in that. But the fact remains that there is no vendor lock-in with the WebDesktop. With a back-end developed in PHP, the WebDesktop integrates applications developed in all the most popular PHP Frameworks, including:

Laravel Code Ignighter Symphony Yii

Unlike other 'cloud' offerings from proprietary software vendors, the WebDesktop is fully in your control. You control your server, your software and your files. Yours to move, switch vendors and modify as you wish. Nobody can take away your freedom. Even if you host with us, you can migrate away any time you like.


The WebDesktop comes with a pricing guarantee. We will match any quotation for the same features.

Webdesktop Modules (Base Price €500 setup / €15mth)

Module Description Setup Month
WebMail Webmail System for Enterprise Email Anywhere, with Signature. €500 +€10
Content Management System Edit and maintain your website. €500 +€10
MLM Manager Multi Level Marketing Manager on WebDesktop. €500 +€10
Magazine Manager Magazine and Advertising Manager on WebDesktop. €1000 +€15
Mailing List Manager Manage email newsletters. €1000 +€15
Wiki Wiki for multiple users to edit information. €1000 +€15
Maps Mapping Software for Web Applications. €1000 +€15
Survey Manager Report on Multiple Surveys Online. €2000 +€20
Workflow Process Management Software. €2000 +€20
Social Network Fully Owned Social Network on Private/Public Platform. €2500 +€30
Image Editor GNU Image Manipulation Program on WebDesktop. €2400 +€20
CRM Customer Relationship Management Software on WebDesktop. €2500 +€30
Project Management Project Management System for multiple user collaboration. €2500 +€30
Enterprise CMS Enterprise Content Management System. €2500 +€30
Broadcast Manager Live streaming management system. €2500 +€30
DMS Document Management System for Enterprise. €2500 +€30
Online Learning Environment For School or University. €5000 +€60
HR Human Resources Management System. €5000 +€60
Office Full Office Suite with ODF editing and PDF export. €5000 +€60
eCommerce Custom Retail Portal for online sellers. €5000-€10k +€60-€120
Accounting Custom Accounting System Modules. €5000-€15k +€60-€180
MRP Custom Manufacturing and Production System. €20k-€40k +€240-€480
ERP Custom Enterprise Software System. €50k-€100k +€600-€1200


To try the WebDesktop, please login to our online demo:

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